Cheddr shreds resin.

You wouldn't grind herb without a grinder.
Don't shred resin without a Cheddr.

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Cheddr powders resin

Stop burning your fingers for your smoke. Cheddr is to resin what the grinder is to herb - a must-have bit of kit that improves the burn of your smokable, makes your money go further, and makes your life easier. Instead of heating (and wasting) your lovely resin in order to tear chunks off, just rub it against your Cheddr and sprinkle it into your roll-up. Voila.

Nice Package

Every Cheddr gets sent out in a hand-stamped box, prepared with a lot of love. No mass printing, every single one just a little bit unique.

People love Cheddr

Take Cheddr Anywhere

Cheddr's slightly bigger than a 10p coin, and weighs even less. Take it wherever and spark things up.